In Focus Tour: Perched, reflecting on the creative process

Meet the artist who created the beautiful glass swallows in ‘Perched’, and find out more about her inspiration and creative process

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  • Talks & Tours Meeting Point, Cromwell Road

  • Free event

This moving display shows 41 mould-blown glass birds with trimmed wings, made by Turkish artist, Felekşan Onar. They represent her artistic response to the millions of displaced Syrians who have fled their war-torn home for Turkey. The swallows’ form was inspired by Birds Without Wings, a historical novel by Louis de Bernières (2004). Set during the wars between Greece and Turkey in the early 20th century, it tells the story of families caught up in mass migrations as the Ottoman Empire broke up. This talk will reflect on Onar’s inspiration for creating this installation and on the creative processes she used to make the birds.