Special event Past event Friday, 2 July 2021

Friday Late: Le Gateau Chocolat presents Echoes

Echoes is a performance film exploring melancholy, grief and ghosts by music and cabaret artist Le Gateau Chocolat, directed by 3000ceanHill.

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Friday Late: Le Gateau Chocolat presents Echoes photo

Among the relics and between the lavish remains of the old guard, there are ghosts made gorgeous – by time, by design, often by trauma. They wonder and wander among the stones, and between the lush tapestries of antiquity to find some solace and abandon themselves to eternity. And there they sing. And there they dance. How will we regard the cries we cannot hear, the whispers and oratorios of time, whose audience are little more than the stones and the silks, and whose theatres are little other than empty rooms?

Le Gateau Chocolat’s work spans drag, cabaret, opera, musical theatre, children’s theatre and live art. As a celebrated baritone as well as a gifted storyteller, his works have been presented across the globe from the Royal Albert Hall to Sydney Opera House.