Talk Past event Thursday, 25 April 2019

Culture in Crisis - Protecting Cultural Heritage: Theft, Looting and the Law

Examine the history of looting, key repatriation cases, and due diligence methods used to ensure proper acquisition practices

  • Hochhauser Auditorium, South Kensington

  • Free event

Past Event

Join us for an evening with Leila Amineddoleh, New York based art and cultural heritage lawyer. The looting of art and cultural heritage is a problem that has plagued humanity since the dawn of civilization. The greatest empires have fallen victim to plunder, and it is a problem that still troubles us today. In recent years, international attention has focused on looting in the Middle East, but this destructive behaviour continues to occur all around the world.

Legal systems and law enforcement face an ongoing struggle to deter theft and plunder and to subsequently repatriate displaced objects from private and public collections. At the same time, refraining from the acquisition of problematic material is also essential in protecting heritage.