Tour Past event Saturday, 7 December 2019

Tea and Biscuits: A History - 7 December

Explore the history of a cultural phenomenon from medieval China and Korea, to the tea fields of India, all the way to the British table

  • Blavatnik Hall, South Kensington

  • Tickets cost £35.00 - £40.00

    Includes refreshments.

Past Event
Tea and Biscuits: A History - 7 December photo

This Members-only tour traces the story of the Great British tradition of afternoon tea, following a trail of teapots and biscuit tins through the V&A’s British, Ceramic and Ironwork Galleries. Learn about: the arrival of tea in Britain; the role of plant hunter Robert Fortune; the transformation of the biscuit into a mass-produced, global commodity; and tea drinking in space with V&A guide Anita Capewell and then enjoy afternoon tea in the Members’ Room.