Drop-in Design: Salt-Dough Sculptures

Welcome to the Summer of Sculpture! Take part in these free family workshops to make salt-dough sculptures inspired by the body, food from your culture and your emotions.

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Drop-in Design: Salt-Dough Sculptures photo

Join artist Camilla Dilshat who makes art from ceramic, clay, latex, salt dough, and food stuffs, to create sculptures inspired by the body and the food that reminds you of home.
Get inspired by Camilla’s work to explore how to make salt-dough sculptures, then experiment with mixing spices and food colouring into your salt dough to express feelings about the places you belong and the food you love. Add your sculpture to a collective display that share ideas around the body, food culture, and emotions.
You can take you sculptures home with you, bake in an oven to harden and make it a permanent sculpture!

This event is part of the Summer of Sculpture. The Summer of Sculpture is a series of programmes and events celebrating the Thomas J. Price Display coming to the V&A and the range of identities that exist within the collection. Across August, families are invited to explore how artists create sculptures inspired by the human form and to how we can explore identity through art, design, and performance.

This is a families event for adults to do with children; no child can be left unattended. Suitable for ages 5+.

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