Sound System Stories: Wheel And Come Again!

Join us for this special evening with Gladdy Wax (aka Mr Vinyl Fingers), the legendary sound system genius, as we honour his 35 years at Notting Hill Carnival.

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 Sound System Stories: Wheel And Come Again!  photo

Sound Systems are the beating heart of the Black community - the DJ as the griot selecting the soundtrack to our lives, with a thumping baseline against a syncopated rhythm, that helped define a generation and create a heritage that has impacted many on a global scale. Gladdy Wax sound system has always been at the centre of this genre and continues to ignite a passion in all of us by remaining relevant to this day. We come together at the V&A for this pre-Carnival weekend event to celebrate this musical giant by recording and archiving his story of UK Sound System Culture.

Celebrates the 75th Anniversary of the 7-inch single.

Speakers to be announced.

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Header image: Gladdy Wax. Courtesy of Steve Brown.