In Practice: Mapping a Nature Walk in Stitch

In this workshop, textile artist Ekta Kaul invites you to tune into nature, using stitch to connect to foliage found on a savoured walk.

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Past Event
In Practice: Mapping a Nature Walk in Stitch photo

Research shows that we experience a marked enhancement in our emotional well-being when we take ‘a stroll in which we intentionally shift attention outward instead of inward’. Stitching produces a similar meditative state by focusing on the journey of the needle and thread on cloth. Ekta will guide you through the process of interpreting your foliage into stitch, how to create a pattern and select the right stitches in this relaxing online session.

Before the workshop, we encourage you to forage for foliage or take photographs on your favourite walk. Please bring at least one example or image of foliage to class e.g. a leaf, a flower, an acorn or a twig, paying close attention to what you feel drawn to for its pleasing form, colour or texture. Using these examples as inspiration, we will map the connection between stitch, nature and well-being.

Please note: Materials are not included, please find a list of recommended materials by downloading the programme.

General tickets will be on sale from 11 August

Header image: Ekta Kaul