Talk Past event Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Lunchtime Lecture: Becoming A Successful Illustrator

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  • Hochhauser Auditorium, South Kensington

  • Free event

Lunchtime Lecture: Becoming A Successful Illustrator photo

Illustration is a powerful cultural force. Whether within children’s books, advertising, animation, magazines or murals it is a pervasive aspect of our everyday lives. Authors of Understanding Illustration, Becoming A Successful Illustrator and Making Great Illustration, Derek Brazell, Projects Manager from the Association of Illustrators, and Professor Jo Davies, Illustrator and Academic, will offer a distinctive perspective and definition of contemporary illustration. They will consider where illustrators work, and examine what it means to operate within this exciting and competitive area of the creative industries. Using examples gained from their first-hand research and interviews with artists and their clients, they will discuss the processes and practices of some of the most respected illustrators working globally. This will provide valuable insight into what is required by emerging and early career professionals, as well as examining what is notable in some of the most respected work published internationally. Through this focus on process, meaning and profession Derek and Jo will encapsulate what it means to become a successful illustrator in the twenty-first century.

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