Lunchtime Lecture: Reportage Illustration

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Lunchtime Lecture: Reportage Illustration photo

Reportage illustration is finding a new and powerful role in the era of fake news and disposable fast-moving media. Join Gary Embury and Mario Minichiello as they discuss the increasing importance of contemporary reportage illustration, documentary drawing practices and their relevancy as a source of reporting in a post truth age.

Reportage art has re-emerged at a time when we are being bombarded by an endless stream of often confusing images with no explanation of who made them and for what purpose. There is evidence that as a consequence there is a reduction in attention span, as well as visual memory – there is also evidence that we are losing our ability to trust what we see in the media. In reportage the artist is always on hand. An illustration is an executive summary of ideas and the world we see. What the reportage artist saw they always aim to share, but they also standby what they have stated, and this is the key to building trust and social cohesion.

Reportage drawing is a valuable interpreter of contemporary events and offers a perspective different to the dramatic spectacles of photojournalism. In the age of the digitally mediated image and 24 hour rolling news reporting, can reportage artists continue to contribute to our perceptions of social, political issues, war and conflict.

Gary Embury is Senior Lecturer at the University of the West of England and Professor Mario Minichiello is Head of Design at University of Newcastle Australia and the co-authors of Reportage Illustration: Visual Journalism by Bloomsbury Publishing.

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