Past Display Ran from 7 July 2018 to 18 November 2018

Chance and Control: Art in the Age of Computers

Celebrating 50 years and more of computer-generated art

This display is now closed at V&A South Kensington

Since the 1960s, artists and programmers have used computers to create prints, drawings, paintings, photographs and digital artworks. This display celebrated 50 years and more of computer-generated art, exploring aspects of chance and control.

Display Highlights

Quadrate Werden Rot, Frieder Nake, 1966, Germany. Museum no. E.262-2014. © Victoria and Albert Museum London/The artist. Purchased with Art Fund support.
Untitled, Desmond Paul Henry, 1964, Uk. Museum no. E.378-2009. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Given by Elaine O’Hanrahan.
Computer Composition with Lines, A. Michael Noll, 1964, US. Museum no. E.35-2011. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London/A. Michael Noll. Given by the artist.
(Des) Ordres, Vera Molnar, 1974, Paris, France. Museum no. E.271-2011. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London/Vera Molnar.
P-122, from the portfolio ‘Scratch Code: 1970–1975’, Manfred Mohr, published by Éditions Média, made 1972, printed 1976, Paris, France. Museum no. E.977:3-2008. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Given by the American Friends of the V&A through the generosity of Patric Prince.
Untitled, Harold Cohen, 1974, US. Museum no. E.326-2009. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London/Harold Cohen. Given by the artist.
CYBERFLOWER, Sunshine Version I, Roman Verostko, 2008, US. Museum no. E.945-2008. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Given anonymously. Courtesy of the artist.
e4708 (detail), Mark Wilson, 2008, US. Museum no. E.535-2008. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London/Mark Wilson. Given by the artist.
Untitled, Georg Nees, 1970, Germany. Museum no. E.2776-2016. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London/Georg Nees.

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