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The original contemporary late night event. Friday Late celebrates all aspects of contemporary visual culture and design in society, bringing audiences face-to-face with leading and emerging artists and designers through live performance, film, installation, debate, DJs and late-night exhibition openings.

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Pocket Privacy: Friday 28 April 2017

Pocket Privacy: Friday 28 April 2017

From uploading selfies to tracking wellbeing, our desire for privacy in the digital age is at odds with our appetite to share our lives online. As an increasing number of devices we wear and carry connect to the internet, capture our personal information, and exploit our privacy, the V&A invites you to take a data detox and learn how to subvert your smart technologies.

Grand Entrance
Switching between Hip-Hop and bass beats, JAckie brings his distinct UK style to the V&A Grand Entrance for a set that blends Trap with Garage and atmospheric R&B overtones. | @BeatsbyJackie

Think Privacy
Grand Entrance
Mimicking colour coded public awareness campaigns, Think Privacy sports a message of sensible paranoia that seems right at home in the age of mass surveillance. Take a look in the mirror and consider how dangerous selfies can be in an era of exuberant data collection. | @adamhrv

Selfie Stick Aerobics
The John Madejski Garden
18.30 – 19.15, 20.00- 21.15
Get creative with a selfie stick in this high-energy performance led by artists Arvida Byström and Maja Malou Lyse. Staging is the key to our social media self-representation; so stretch, pose and snap in this tongue-in- cheek aerobics class. Craft the perfect personal brand through choreographed movements designed to capture all of your good side. Each class lasts for 5-10 minutes. After the class, share your pictures via #FridayLate. | | @arvidabystrom | @habitual_body_monitoring2

Kill Your Phone
Medieval & Renaissance, Room 50b
Ever get the sneaking suspicion that your phone might be up to no good? Join us to create a signal-blocking pouch. Cut, stich and customise a case that blocks all wireless signals from reaching your phone, shielding you from unwanted tracking and eavesdropping. | @arambartholl

Europe 1600 – 1815 Galleries – The Salon, Room 4
Step into the #TheStrobeGlobe, a social media hotspot where you can experience the power of the hashtag. Use twitter to tag #TheStrobeGlobe and activate the Globe, transforming it into a trending starscape exploring how we perform online.

Please note that this installation includes strobe lighting. | @Hamleeen

Unfit Bits
Sculpture, Room 21a
Unfit Bits offers fitness solutions for every lifestyle. Insurance companies and financial institutions now offer discounts to customers who agree to be tracked and quantified through personal fitness trackers like Fitbit. Unfit Bits presents a series of simple techniques for generating fake physical activity data, to beat the system and take advantage of these financial opportunities, without compromising your personal privacy.

Data Detox
Sculpture, Room 23
We are constantly creating data doubles, digital footprints of our private lives and Big Brother is watching. Come along to our Data Detox station with your laptop or smart phone to discover where your data is going, why it matters, and how to keep it private. From simple alterations to your settings, to innovative apps and advanced cryptographic software, we’ll talk you through the tools essential for your safety in the modern world.

From 1 to 100 Pixels
National Art Library
Join counter-surveillance artist Adam Harvey in his talk examining the capabilities of computer vision software to analyse the world and the knock-on implications it has for our privacy. Traveling from 1 pixel up to 100, Harvey will take you on a journey to uncover how much information can be gleaned from a single picture and how new algorithms use this information to predict whether you’re more likely to be a criminal, academic or a terrorist.

Please note coats and bags are not permitted in the Library. Please leave these items in the cloakroom. | @adamhrv

Ways to be Secret
Lunchroom, Learning Centre
The computers and mobile phones we use, the gadgets we wear and carry, the websites we browse and the apps we download, all gather information about our everyday. Once aggregated this data can be used to share a great deal about where we’ve been, what we’ve spent money on, our preferences, opinions and our personal lives. Join V&A curator Corinna Gardner to examine how these physical devices force us to question, who owns our personal data and what right do we have to privacy.

Pics Or It Didn't Happen
Paintings, Room 82
Featuring photographs that have been banned from Instagram, Pics or It Didn’t Happen brings censored images back into the spotlight through printed publication. Having received many takedown notices, artists Arvida Byström and Molly Soda put out an open call to recollect these lost and deleted images. Join Byström in this talk and book signing to explore modern censorship and the tension created when using social media platforms as a means of self-expression. | @arvidabystrom

Project Seen
Tapestries, Room 94
Ever wondered what words are being tracked online by our government security agencies? You might expect explosives, ISIS and anthrax to feature, but words like football or badger often peak their interest too. Project Seen is a self-censoring typeface that automatically strikes through these so called spook words as they are written. Join Jo Glanville, director of freedom of expression charity English Pen and Renate Samson, CEO of Big Brother Watch, as they discuss the fundamental importance of privacy. Exploring how new legislation and technology are undermining an essential right. | @emilkozole | @englishpen | @bbw1984

A New Evidence
Paintings, Room 87
Experience the murky world of private international financial markets and the lack of transparency in the data associated with them, through this interactive artwork. Listen as it sings out the value of financial transactions that have been recorded on International Dark Pools markets, as they are released by the Financial Authority FINRA. Money never sounded so sweet, or so sinister. | @fabio_la

Programme cover design by Joana Pestana | @joanampestana

The next Friday Late will take place on the 30 June.


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