Archives and National Art Library copying service – Terms of use

For published and unpublished material, copies are supplied to you by the Board of Trustees of the Victoria and Albert Museum ("the V&A") at 200dpi on the condition that they will only be used by you for private study or other non-commercial purposes permitted by the V&A.

For unpublished material it is a further condition that you hereby assign to the V&A any publication right that you acquire in consequence of your use of the digital copies.

Once your digital copies have been sent to you the V&A's services have been completed and you will not be entitled to cancel your order.

An image is a scan of a single or double page spread as appropriate in accordance with our preservation policy. We aim to supply the most economic option wherever possible.

We will send a quote and require payment before proceeding with your request. We are unable to produce an invoice for UK orders under £50 or international orders under £250.

Due to limited resources we cannot normally undertake large-scale requests or frequent, multiple orders for individual customers.

If you wish to use any V&A supplied images for commercial purposes, please contact our Image Licensing Team: or visit the V&A Images. Please refer to the V&A terms and conditions for details of your rights to use material on our website, and to the V&A Privacy Policy for details on how we use your personal data.

Header image:

(Detail) 'Self Portrait', from the folio entitled 'Portraits: People and Objects', electrostatic print by Edward Meneeley, published by Teuscher Editions, 1968, New York City. USA. Museum no. CIRC.204N-1971. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London