Photographs Acquisition Group

Members of this engaged group of philanthropists support the V&A by donating to a vital fund for photography acquisitions.

This helps the V&A continue to develop one of the largest and most important photography collections, freely available to everyone, which sparks the imagination with outstanding examples of creativity and provides researchers and photographers with a sourcebook for knowledge and inspiration.

Since 2011, the group has enabled over 50 bodies of work (totalling more than 450 prints) to be acquired for the enjoyment of the public. They are put on display in our Photography Centre, exhibitions, feature in publications or are used for educational projects and new research.

Each member of the group donates at least £10,000 each year and enjoys a close association with our Photographs curators and the wider museum. The group meets twice a year to discuss which works will be acquired with the fund, learn about our collecting strategy, attend special behind-the-scenes events and visit photographers’ studios and photo fairs in the UK and abroad.

For more information or to donate and join the group, please contact:

Michael Linington
Head of Philanthropy
+44 (0)20 7942 2090



We are immensely grateful to the current members of the Photographs Acquisition Group for their support:

Rafael Biosse Duplan | Mr and Mrs Pierre Brahm | Richard and Alison Chenevix-Trench | Maxine Davidson | Jim Grover (Chair) and Ruth Grover | Dr Anne Varick Lauder | Mr Scott Mead | Sir Brian Pomeroy CBE | The Bern Schwartz Family Foundation | Andy Simpkin | Sue Sloan | Harsch Kumar Sood and Patrick Colby Cunningham | Michael Warshaw | Michael G. and C. Jane Wilson.
And others who wish to remain anonymous.