Since the V&A's inception, supporting contemporary artists, designers and makers has been at the heart of the museum's vision. The museum has three on-site studios: a dedicated ceramics studio in our Ceramics galleries and two interdisciplinary studios in the Sackler Centre for arts education.

Explore this playlist of short films to get a first-hand account of the research and projects that our residents carry out at the V&A during their residency.

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Alongside 9-month residencies linked to our Learning Department, we also work in collaboration with other departments and external institutions to deliver a range of additional shorter residencies. Through these unique experiences, creative practitioners gain access to the museum's vast collections, specialised curatorial expertise, as well as opportunities to share their work to diverse audiences. It is a place to experiment and disrupt, whilst also inspiring and educating the next generation about the exciting potential of careers in the creative industries. Overall, we facilitate space for curiosity and ingenuity, continuing to push the boundaries of world-leading practice in the museum and beyond.

'Ancestor', Rachel Ara, 2018. Photo © Hydar Dewachi

The V&A Research Institute (VARI)

Since 2016, we have also offered collaborative research residences through the V&A Research Institute (VARI), generously supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Working with Learning, VARI supports two research residencies per year for artists, designers and makers. The 12-month 'embedded residency' invites creative practitioners to critically examine ways of rethinking the V&A from the inside and transforming it into an active site of participation and discussion. The 3-month 'offsite residency' supports practitioners with a socially engaged practice to work with creative partner organisations in East London. This builds relationships with the diverse practitioner communities, in anticipation of the opening of V&A East.

Open Calls

Open Calls

We currently have no open calls. Guidance notes and information about our 2019 – 20 residents can be found below.

If you would like more information on our residencies and how to apply, please read our guidance notes for applicants:

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In Residence

In Residence

Sourcing Beauty, Fashion Residency
14 October 2019 – 13 July 2020

© Elizabeth Wirija & Mimi Quiquine for Nataal Media

Moses Quiquine's practice seeks to disregard boundaries and classifications found in fashion, whilst maintaining a level of craftsmanship to express rich detail and visual narrative. Of French Caribbean descent, Quiquine grew up in London and is interested in the emotional engagement and tension involved in transforming discarded materials to explore themes of identity, representation and mysticism related to race and culture.

Known for meticulous research process, and often of inspired by museum collections, he views fashion as a symbolic language. His work encompasses rich historic references, contrasting dialogues within his contemporary archival couture, sculptural fashion, and large-scale tapestries.

His residency coincides with the exhibition Tim Walker: Wonderful Things, for which Walker has created new bodies of work inspired by objects in the museum’s eclectic collections. Using the National Art Library collections as a starting point for his research, Moses will similarly be investigating this inspirational repository – specifically a collection of scrapbooks collated by fashion journalist Norah Littlejohn that document fashion in the 20th century.

Want to learn more? Visit Moses in his studio during our Open Studio events.

Capturing Motion, Photography Residency
14 October 2019 – 13 July 2020

© Georgia Kuhn

Gayle Chong Kwan is an award-winning British artist whose photographs, installations and public-realm events are exhibited nationally and internationally. At the core of Chong Kwan's practice is an expanded and embodied approach to photography, through which she explores simulacra, the sublime, and the politics of food, travel, and waste. She is currently finishing a PhD on Imaginal Travel at the Royal College of Art.

Museums are becoming increasingly important civic environments, hosting objects which embody practices and processes of the past, present and future, whilst also facilitating space for public engagement. In conjunction with the recently opened Photography Centre in South Kensington, and continued Future Plan projects across the Museum of Childhood, V&A East, and HERE East in Stratford’s Olympic Park, there are currently multiple movements and developments occurring.

Chong Kwan will use photography and methods of installation to document, inform and connect with our audiences throughout this moment of strategic change at the V&A.

This residency has been supported by the Young Patrons' Circle Future Fund.

Want to learn more? Visit Gayle in her studio during our Open Studio events.

Engaging Ceramics Residency
14 October 2019 – 13 July 2020

© Kate Watson

Aimee Lax presents a notion of nature that can be simultaneously threatening and beautiful. She uses a variety of materials but finds that porcelain harnesses a sense of fragile power when commenting on nature, both as we know and imagine it.

Her most recent question of the Anthropocene takes her on a nuclear exploration of deep time, speculative mutation and communication, in this time of great uncertainty regarding our energy sources and future expectations. Amidst the current climate crisis, Lax will facilitate a timely dialogue around alternative energy sources, whilst exploring inter-disciplinary and inter-generational conversations that hold both tensions as well as solutions.

This residency will create exciting public interactions alongside ceramic practice, and is set to highlight opportunities that careers in the arts offer.

Want to learn more? Visit Aimee in her studio during our Open Studio events.

Time for Play Residency
14 January – 13 June 2020

Anne Marie Galmstrup is a Danish architect specialised in museum and community projects. Her work revolves around the cultural field, varying in scale from new and retrofit museum buildings, to vision masterplans of heritage sites and entire landscapes, to exhibition design and interventions. Working with museums for more than 17 years, her curiosity has grown towards collections and communities, and how context can drive concepts and content that's relevant today.

Her residency will explore outdoor play and reimagine traditional street games, while informally connecting the Museum of Childhood with a wider public through the process of making and play. It will invite a fresh perspective for the V&A to explore and experiment throughout exciting developments in one of our future plan projects in East London.

This residency has been supported by the Danish Arts Foundation

V&A East/VARI Residency
September 2020 – September 2021

RESOLVE is an interdisciplinary design collective that combines architecture, engineering, technology and art to address social challenges.

Collaboration and co-production are a critical part of their ethos. In realising more equitable visions of change, they look to bridge the gaps between groups and communities, whilst providing a platform for the production of new knowledge and ideas.

An integral part of this involves working with youth and under-represented groups in society, and engaging them in the design process. They have worked with community organisations, galleries and cultural institutions and local authorities over the last 4 years to realise these visions.

For them, ‘design’ encompasses both physical and systemic intervention. They look at innovative ways of working with local communities as ‘stakeholders’ in the short and long-term management of projects. In this way, design carries more than aesthetic value – it is also a mechanism for socio-economic change.

Their creative youth residency will explore how to shape institutional strategy by combining intervention-based and curatorial practice with young people in the boroughs surrounding V&A East. In using hands-on, site specific engagement, they aim to test and research new methods of outreach in order to shape the role of the new museum.

Open Studios

Open Studios

Ever wondered what it’s like inside an artist's studio, where designers or architects find inspiration, or how makers produce their final piece? We host regular Open Studio sessions where you can drop in and meet our current residents to discover more about their practice.

The museum has three on-site studios: a ceramics studio, off Ceramics 143, Level 4, and two studios on Level 1 of the Sackler Centre for arts education

Residency news

Residency news

With a dynamic and evolving programme, there's never a dull moment for our residents. Keep up to date with pop-up events and get behind-the-scenes access as they explore the museum and make work inspired by our collections. You can also investigate a range of research and projects done by many of our alumni.



Since its establishment the Residency Programme has hosted a vast range of practitioners. Discover more about our residency alumni, their research, projects and public programmes in the museum and beyond.

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