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Inspired by the reformist passion of figures such as William Morris and John Ruskin, the Arts and Crafts movement had a huge effect on Victorian society. Its advocates looked to history and to the countryside to counteract the damaging effects of industrial production, developing a quietly revolutionary new take on domestic design.

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The V&A's collections hold a number of significant objects that exemplify Arts and Crafts design across a range of disciplines. These include drawings by Philip Webb of Red House (home to William Morris), striking items of jewellery and clothing, examples of domestic design that include stunning wallpapers and metalwork pieces, tiles by William De Morgan, and the Movement's famously 'rustic' furniture, as well as objects that demonstrate how the influence of Arts and Crafts moved beyond the UK.

Collection Highlights

season ticket
Season ticket, by Walter Crane, 1890, Britain
Necklace, designed by Charles Robert Ashbee, made by Guild of Handicraft Ltd., 1901 – 02, London, England
Drawing, by William de Morgan, England
Washstand, designed by Leonard F. Wyburd and William De Morgan, manufactured by Liberty & Co. Ltd. and William De Morgan, about 1894, London, England
Design, William De Morgan, late 19th century, England
Tray, designed by William Arthur Smith Benson, 1894, Hammersmith and Fulham, England
Screen, designed by John Henry Dearle, manufactured by Morris & Co., 1885 – 1910, London
Armchair, designed by Ernest William Gimson, made by Edward Gardiner, about 1905, Sapperton, England
Clock, designed by Charles Francis Annesley Voysey, 1895, England
Urn, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, made by James Miller, about 1902, Chicago, US
Zermatt, watercolour, by John Ruskin, 1844, Zermatt, Switzerland
Coat, by Marshall & Snelgrove Ltd, 1895 – 1900, England
Decanter, designed by Charles Robert Ashbee, made by Guild of Handicraft Ltd, 1904 – 5, London, England
furnishing fabric
Poppies furnishing fabric, designed by Lindsay Phillip Butterfield for Turnbull & Stockdale Ltd., 1901, England
Lamp, designed by Arthur Stansfield Dixon, made by Birmingham Guild of Handicraft, about 1893, Birmingham, England
architectural drawing
Architectural drawing of the Red House, by Philip Webb, 1859, England
furnishing fabric
The Angel with the Trumpet, furnishing fabric, designed by Herbert Percy Horne, made by Simpson & Godlee, about 1884, England


Background image: Background image: Drawing, William De Morgan, England. Museum no. E.421-1917. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London