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David Bowie

The V&A holds a unique collection of David Bowie photographs, album sleeve artwork and memorabilia, charting the creative process of one of the most pioneering and influential performers of modern times.

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Tracing Bowie’s shifting style and sustained reinvention across five decades, highlights include artwork for the Diamond Dogs album, iconic photographs by Kevin Cummins and Terry O’Neill, and a set design for Bowie’s successful Serious Moonlight tour. The collection features several collaborations with artists and designers, demonstrating how Bowie’s work was influenced by and also influenced wider movements in art, design, theatre and contemporary culture.

Collection Highlights

David Bowie Serious Moonlight Tour '83, poster, by Mick Haggerty, 1983, UK
record Sleeve
Aladdin Sane, record sleeve, designed by Duffy and Philo, about 1970, UK
David Bowie, photograph, by Terry O'Neill, 1974, London, England
set model
Set model, by Derek Boshier, 1982 – 83, London, England
Poster, 1978, Germany
David Bowie, photograph, by Kevin Cummins, mid 1970s, UK
poster magazine
Isolar, poster magazine, designed by David Bowie, 1976, California, US
Poster, 1973, England
David Bowie Then: 1973, drawing, by Barbara Nessim, 2013, New York, US
Diamond Dogs, vinyl, produced by David Bowie, made by Guy Peellaert and Leee Black Childers, made for RCA Records, 1973 – 74, Barnes, England


Background image: Background image: Photograph of David Bowie, Kevin Cummins, 1970s, Uk. Museum no: S.1326-2010. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London