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The V&A holds a stunning collection of wedding attire, spanning five centuries and featuring key designers. Extravagant, demure, edgy, elegant, pure white, bold colour – these ensembles are as varied as the brides and grooms who wore them.

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Highlights include a 17th century royal wedding suit, vibrant outfits from Africa and Asia, plus an array of accessories, including lace veils and silk slippers. The undeniable stars, however, are the wedding dresses themselves. The extensive collection of iconic white gowns perfectly encapsulates the changing moods of both fashion and society, from the late 18th century to the present day.

Collection Highlights

wedding dress
Wedding Dress, designed by Pam Hogg, 2012, UK
man's wedding suit
Man's wedding suit, designed by Mr. Fish, 1967, London, England
Photograph, Lafayette Photography, 1910, United Kingdom. Museum no. LAF.6728. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London
wedding dress and headdress
Wedding dress and headdress, designed by Wendy Ramshaw, early 1962, UK
wedding dress and petticoat
Wedding dress and petticoat, about 1851, Britain
wedding dress
(Detail) Wedding dress, 1841, England
(Back) Kimono, 1980 – 2000, Japan
Ring, 1650 – 1799, Europe
Bridal wedding outfit
Female Wedding outfit, designed by Sabyasachi Mukherjee, 2015, Bolpur, India
Photograph, 1916, England
wedding dress
Wedding dress, early 1938, UK
wedding ensemble
Wedding ensemble, designed by John Bates, made for Jean Varon, 1966, UK
fashion design
Fashion design, designed by Val St. Cyr, made for Elizabeth Handley-Seymour, 1916 – 18, London, England
pair of shoes
Pair of shoes, made for Peter Robinson Ltd., 1914, London, England
page boy's suit
Page boy's suit, about 1894, England
wedding dress
Wedding dress, designed by Norman Hartnell, 1933, London, England
wedding hat
Wedding hat, manufactured by Paul Walser Ltd (Reslaw), 1947, UK
wedding dress and shoes
(Detail) Wedding dress and shoes, made for Stern Bros, by Francis O'Neill, 1890, New York, US
Panorama of a Fashionable Wedding, The Illustrated London News Ltd, 1855, London, United Kingdom. Museum no. NAL 172935. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London


Background image: Background image: Wedding Dress and veil, Pam Hogg, 2012, UK. Museum no. T.5-2014. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London Wedding Dress and veil, Pam Hogg, 2012, UK. Museum no. T.5-2014. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London