Games and activities

Our online games and interactives will bring our building and its collections to life. Create your own hair-raising 18th-century wig designs, become a master craftsman or explore our new Exhibition Road entrance built entirely in Minecraft blocks.

Secret Seekers

Secret Seekers is a mobile game for families to play when they visit the Museum. Choose your favourite character, follow the clues and unlock the secrets hidden around the building.

Design a Wig

In the late 18th century, women's hair went crazy! Create and share your own hair-raising wig design.

Terrible Trades

Can you become a master of your trade? Start the game as an apprentice and test your skills and know-how in grisly working conditions. How far can you go?


Get closer to one of the star objects in our Europe galleries: a painting that depicts a huge annual procession in Brussels in 1615.

Minecraft V&A

Minecraft master builders BlockWorks have created our Exhibition Road entrance entirely out of blocks. Explore their creation or download and add one of our visitors' creations to your own Minecraft world.