Saturday 27 April, 11.30 -16.30

Celebrate with us the joyful folk traditions from England and the diverse cultures of people living in London.

Free, drop in
In partnership with LBTH

James Arnott, Punch and Judy


The London Music Hall Choir
Discover the funny, irreverent and sentimental melodies sung in London East End’s Music Halls.

Make you own dragon
Come and make a ‘Friendship Dragon’ puppet with artist Katherine Tulloh and add to the Dragon’s Nest collage.

Hedgepigs and Ed Instrumental and Ceilidh
Get your punters’ feet tapping with a London based folk collective playing an uplifting mix of traditional tunes.

Jautrais Pāris
12.35-13.00 & 14.25-14.50
Discover these Latvian folk dances devised by professional choreographers and performed in colourful traditional costumes.

Punch and Judy
13.25-13.50 & 14.50-15.35
Experience a fun-filled version of the famous puppet show with popular children entertainer James Arnott.

Brass Ensemble (THAMES)
Enjoy this young orchestra with ten brass students from the Saturday Music Centre.

Jautrais Pāris with the public
Join the Latvian dance group Jautrais Pāris in joyful pair and group dances you can easily learn.

THAMES Brass Ensemble