1 December 2012 – 1 September 2013

Museums collect, cherish and display objects of cultural, historical and artistic significance. On a smaller scale, many of us also collect, creating our own personal assemblage of significant objects, memories and keepsakes, which preserve our past and inform our future.

What we consider valuable can be highly individual and varied from the truely mundane to the extremely precious. The things we keep reveal much about what we consider ‘the important stuff’ in life. Objects can provide a way of holding on to an intangible memory.

A Treasured Collection displayed an exuberant and eclectic installation of ‘mini museums’ made with adults and children. Their personal ‘enshrined’ stories provided an insight into the private art of collecting.

The exhibition also featured an installation by Jasleen Kaur who creates objects that traverse cultural boundaries and subvert traditional notions of use and a ‘sound collection’ by beat boxer Jason Singh.

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