Glastonbury @ 50

Mapping and Visualising Festival Culture

About the Project

In partnership with the AHRC, this project uses the V&A’s Glastonbury Festival Archive to consider how intangible heritage, in particular performing arts and festival archives, can be presented and interpreted for museum audiences by shifting the focus from museum objects to the ‘performance event’.


The cultural sector is in a period of unprecedented examination of why institutions collect, what they record and how they interpret exhibits in their care. The traditional focus on the physical attributes of an item requires expanding to understand how today’s audiences engage with and approach museum material – in ways that are often digital and outside of the curated experience. Therefore, our project focusses on the ‘performance event’ seeking to understand the transformative power of the participatory festival experience, and how audiences engage with performing arts data and collections.


This project will launch an ambitious data collecting campaign, beginning with the V&A’s Glastonbury material and expanding to include additional sources, that represents the 50 years of Glastonbury’s history. We will develop innovative digital models for presenting Glastonbury event data and archive collections and test these models across networks of researchers, creative practitioners and festival-goers. A corresponding public engagement programme will invite expanded Glastonbury networks to discuss the legacy and impact of the Festival at a one-day research symposium.


This project will deliver a public Glastonbury research platform, offering a new way for users to search and explore Glastonbury’s history and a new model for public engagement with Festival data and archive material. We will also deliver a public engagement programme of events and commissions, hosted both at the V&A and online. A central feature of the public programme will be a one-day research symposium, bringing together the work of academics studying Festival culture with the insights of the creative community who make Glastonbury happen.

Project updates

6 October 2021

Sonic and visual responses to the V&A’s Glastonbury Archive

In April 2021, students from London South Bank University were invited to participlate in the V&A’s Glastonbury @ 50 project – a series of events celebrating 50 years of Glastonbury Festival.   We’d heard that...
5 October 2021

The making of the Mapping Glastonbury interactive

This post was written by the We are Freak – a creative studio specialising in visual, audio and interactive design The V&A is home to the Glastonbury Festival Archive, an extraordinary collection of objects, sounds,...
24 June 2021

Online conference – Glastonbury @ 50: Origins, Evolution and Impact

One-day online conferenceFriday, 25 June 2021, 10.00 – 17.00

The Team

Ramona Riedzewski

Head of Collections Management, Theatre and Performance Department

Ramona Riedzewski is the project lead for Glastonbury @ 50. As an Archivist, Librarian, and Head of Collections Management in the V&A’s Theatre and Performance Department, Ramona is particularly interested in exploring new models for capturing and pre ... Read more

Kate Bailey

Senior Curator of Scenography, Theatre & Performance Department

Kate Bailey is a Senior Curator in the V&A’s Theatre and Performance Department and has an extensive history working with the Glastonbury Archive to produce public installations, exhibitions and events. Kate’s role in the project is primarily focused ... Read more

Carolyn Addelman

Project Manager, V&A

Eleanor Gray

Digital Materials and Research Assistant, V&A

External Partners & Researchers

- Project Manager, AusStage
- Researcher and founder of My Glastonbury Story
Adam Parkinson
- Lecturer in Sound Design at London South Bank University


Online conference – Glastonbury @ 50: Origins, Evolution and Impact

This online conference was part of the Glastonbury Weekender (Friday, 25 – Sunday, 27 June 2021), which explored the legacy and impact of the Festival with a dynamic programme of free events responding to the Festival archive.