Islamic Middle East

Room 42, The Jameel Gallery

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The V&A holds over 19,000 items from the Middle East and North Africa, ranging from the early Islamic period (the 7th century) to the early 20th century.

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These vibrant collections include holdings of metalwork, ceramics, architectural woodwork and textiles, in particular from Iran, and also from Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Syria and the countries of North Africa. Highlights include the Ardabil Carpet, the world's oldest dated carpet and one of the largest, most beautiful and historically important.

Collection Highlights

Kaftan, about 1590, Bursa, Turkey
Mamluk minbar, 1468 – 96, Cairo, Egypt
(Detail) 22,500, composition, by Hadieh Shafie, 2011, Baltimore, US
beaker and case
The Luck of Edenhall, beaker and case, 14th century, Middle East
(Detail) The Ardabil Carpet, 1539 – 40, Iran
Ewer, 1000 – 50, Egypt
Pyxis, about 969 – 970, Madinat al-Zahra, Spain
tile panel
(Detail) Tile panel, 17th century, Isfahan, Iran
Animals by the Watering Hole, tapestry, by 'Ali Salim, 1985, Egypt