Room 45, The Toshiba Gallery

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The V&A has been collecting Japanese art and design since it was founded in 1852 and now holds one of the world's most comprehensive collections, including ceramics, lacquer, arms and armour, woodwork, metalwork, textiles and dress, prints, paintings, sculpture and modern & contemporary studio crafts.

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With the exception of some early metalwork, ceramics and Buddhist sculpture, most objects date from the Edo (1615-1868) and Meiji (1868-1912) periods. Of particular interest is our collection of over 30,000 Edo-period ukiyo-e prints, paintings, drawings and albums. We also hold one of the finest and most complete collections of Japanese enamels in the world, as well as the earliest documented examples of this art form in any museum.

Collection Highlights

The Mazarin Chest, about 1640, Japan
inro, netsuke and ojime
Inro, netsuke and ojime, about 1850 – 1900, Japan
suit of armour
Suit of armour in Haramaki style, about 1850, Japan
Netsuke, by Rakueisai, about 1850 – 1900, Japan
(Back) Kimono, 1860 – 1880, Japan
woodblock print
The Great Wave, woodblock print, by Katsushika Hokusai, about 1831, Japan
Invitation dress, designed by Kumiko Uehara and Baby the Stars Shine Bright (BSSB), 21st century, Japan
Covered Vessel no. 7, sculpture, by Kenji Gomi, 2012, Toki, Japan
AUN II, basket, by Tanabe Shochiku, 2014, Sakai, Japan
JVC Videosphere, television, manufactured by JVC Ltd, 1970, Japan
Ryo-O, mask, 1450 – 1550, Japan
OO-IX, sculpture, by Shigeki Hayashi, 2013, Toki, Japan