Gilbert and Gems

The Gilbert Collection, which was formed by Sir Arthur and Rosalinde Gilbert in the 1960s, is now on long term-loan at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Sir Arthur, who was the main driving force behind their acquisitions, believed that the objects needed to be looked at through a magnifying glass to truly reveal their charms. The collection includes masterpieces in gold, silver, mosaic and enamel. Many are set with dazzling diamonds. To us, even those that do not feature precious stones are gems in their own right. Here we will share our observations and gems, personal and universal, with you. In addition, fellow curators, conservators, technicians, loans officers, etc. from both the V&A and partner institutions will contribute to this blog. Do join us for a behind-the-scene tour of the Gilbert Collection, looking closely at the people who shape(d) it, but also at the various stories behind these precious objects.