Past Exhibition Ran from 6 April 2019 to 16 February 2020

Mary Quant

"The whole point of fashion is to make fashionable clothes available to everyone." Mary Quant

a riot of rebellion, vigour and youthful energetic fashion...


This exhibition is now closed at V&A South Kensington

From miniskirts and hot pants to vibrant tights and makeup, this exhibition explored how Mary Quant launched a fashion revolution on the British high street, with over 200 garments, including unseen pieces from the designer's personal archive.

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The King's Road is one of the world's most famous shopping and lifestyle destinations. It has always been at the forefront of fashion trends – from Mods to Punks, Sloanes and New Romantics – and at the epicentre of London's art, fashion and music scenes. And, of course, a key location and playground for Mary Quant and her brilliant boutique: Bazaar. The King's Road is proud to sponsor this exhibition and celebrate the Road's rich heritage, as well as looking to its future as a home for the next generation of creative, era-defining pioneers.

Exhibition Highlights

Fashion designer Mary Quant at her appartment in Draycott Place, Chelsea, London, about 1967. © Getty Images.
Three patterned ensembles
Three patterned ensembles, Mary Quant, London, 1964 – 1971. Museum no. T.22-2013,T.498-1993 & PROV.6-2018. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
fashion design
Design for a cowl neck minidress with mustard yellow tights by Mary Quant, London. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Three models wearing underwear desgined by Mary Quant, about 1966. © Getty Images.
pair of ankle boots
Pair of ankle boots, designed by Mary Quant, 1967, UK. Museum no. T.59:1, 2-1992. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Mary Quant and models at the quantafoot launch of Mary's footwear collection, 1967. © PA Prints 2008.
Photograph © Terence Donovan, courtesy Terence Donovan Archive / Iconic Images.
Kellie Wilson and model wearing minidress and matching shorts by Mary Quant, 1966, Photo Duffy © Duffy Archive .
Mary Quant beauty bus. © INTERFOTO / Alamy Stock Photo .
Minidress with 'Peter Pan' collar, Mary Quant's Ginger Group, 1966, England. Given by Professor Deborah Cherry. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Rolls Press/Popperfoto/Getty Images.

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Mary Quant
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